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nots by heckmann

nots is a raw unisex bracelet, designed and produced in Denmark, made of Sterling silver 925, diamonds á 0,03 ct. and strong Dyneema ® thread.

We were inspired by the old sailors on the harbour and their tales of loss and insecurity out on the open seas. We also included the simplicity and calm of earlier times as we created this symbol of intimacy, care, gratitude and strength – because those four qualities will help you overcome anything and everything.

Each quality is represented by a sparkling diamond on the bracelet’s silver link; and those of us who wear this bracelet are united by our stories. We have, all of us, experienced something profound.

the gift for those who have overcome

Sports people get a medal when they win. Others get a bonus when they provide great results. And some reward themselves by buying a nice coat or the handbag they’ve dreamed of for so long. But what do you give to someone who has pulled through a difficult challenge or a crisis, or someone who has completed an incredible development process?

I felt that we needed a present that signified something deeper. A present you can give to your family, your children, your friend, yourself or an employee who makes an extra effort. A symbol of intimacy, focus and care – and of the enormous gratitude we feel when we realise that we actually had the strength to overcome a challenge.

Which is why we created nots.

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Designer Emilie Heckmann has created a symbol that pays tribute to intimacy, the present and the calm that many long for in today’s world where superficiality, tempo and the very latest is often presented as the ultimate goal. But things do not necessarily have to move that fast.

Emilie Heckmann explains the design: “Back in the old days, sailors would always wear a special chain, wound around their wrist, which they used to secure themselves while climbing the masts. It was a simple tool, which became an integral part of their standard ‘uniform’, and eventually, it also came to signify the closeness and interconnectedness with their families on land. Even when they were far from home, they always knew that they were loved and appreciated.”

nots is our reinterpretation of the symbol, which includes the old, strong knots as well as Dyneema ® thread and Sterling silver.

prices & materials

Sterling silver 925, plain or oxidized, light grey or black Dyneema® thread, and 4 diamonds, 0.03 ct., black, white, blue or pink.

The silver link with the shining diamonds is handmade by goldsmith Mads Heindorf in his workshop in Copenhagen. All silver links are Sterling silver 925, certified by the Danish Assay Office, and all diamonds have been purchased from legitimate, conflict free sources in compliance with UN resolutions.

The bracelet is hand tied by Riggerne in Svendborg, Denmark, of Dyneema® line. An extremely strong fibre with a fine and shiny light grey colour and a diameter of 2,5mm. The DynaOne® line is made of 12-strand braid of 100% Dyneema® SK78 fibres which is durable and UV resistant thanks to a Geothane coating. The bracelet is closed around the wrist with a classic diamond knot.

The silver link is unisex and one size. Sizes cover the circumference of the bracelet. The best fit is a bracelet that is approx. 2cm wider than your wrist:

xx-small 16 cm
x-small 17 cm
small 18 cm
medium 19 cm
large 20 cm
x-large 21 cm
xx-large 22 cm
xxx-large 23 cm

The nots bracelet is presented in a nice box, delivered in a gift bag with handles as well as a to/from card on which you can include a personal greeting. In the box along side the bracelet you’ll find a small folder with the story behind nots.

nots with black diamonds (4): $949.00
nots with white diamonds (4): $1249.00
nots with blue diamonds (4): $1349.00
nots with pink diamonds (4): $1549.00

When ordering larger quantities, if purchasing on behalf of a company, or if you want larger diamonds, please contact Surreal Jewellery. All prices include GST postage free in Australia.



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Ambassadors for nots by heckmann

Being one of our ambassadors comes straight from the heart. There is no money between us, only a strong sense of community and shared values. All ambassadors are personalities who encompass strength, integrity and warmth. People we look up to and want to be inspired by. People who dream, live and fight – they may receive the occasional blow but they rise again and again.

We are united by a shared belief that humans can do much more than we think – and that intimacy, care, gratitude and strength constitute the building blocks of a good life.


Ambassadors Katja and Jena
Jena Mai Hansen and Katja Salskov-Iversen are professional sailors. Since their collaboration started in 2011, they have fought hard to be the best and sailed thousands of training hours. They are located at the top of the world rank list in 49’erFX class and ready to fight for the gold at the Olympics in Rio in August. 49’erFX is a high performance dinghy, which can reach a very high speed and requires an enormous concentration and a great physique.

Jena and Katja are full of life, joy, ambitions and strength, and we are very proud to have them as our ambassadors.

Jena, ”I strive to do my best every day. When you practice elite sports you often have to compromise and be far away from home, family, and friends.

For me, it’s very important that they know I am there for them and that I appreciate everything they do for me. My nots bracelet makes me think about what makes me happy and what matters to me. I’ll look at it and think about what I want to achieve in my life here and now and how I’m going to reach those goals in the best possible way.”

Katja, ”For me, the most important thing in life is to be in the moment. To be present and appreciate what you do and those you love. My nots bracelet means a lot to me. And I am proud that I have been chosen to wear it. The values fit really well with the way I want to be – and the way I want to compete. Huge wins only come if you fight for them, and it’s so important to be grateful all the way and remember that you couldn’t have done it alone. The nots bracelet reminds me of that.”

Ambassador Mads Langer
Mads Langer is a singer-songwriter. He was born in Aabenraa in South Jutland but grew up in a town called Skive in central Jutland, in a home with a piano and a drum kit. He is an incredibly charming and warmhearted young man with a beautiful and intense voice, and we are very proud to have him as an ambassador.

He says, ”It’s important to talk about being kind to the people you care about. To me, this bracelet is a lovely and lasting symbol of support and kindness or a means of saying thank you to the person you give it to. What I do made a difference to the person who gave me my bracelet. I think about that each time I glance at the bracelet.

To me, life is about presence, kindness and authenticity through ups as well as downs. Strong bonds and close relations help you maintain a sense of direction through life. And that is what my nots-bracelet symbolizes to me.”

Photographer: Cecilie Helmersen


Ambassador Mette Bloch
Mette Bloch is a twice World Champion rower as well as a writer, author and an excellent lecturer. She is full of life, power and happiness, and she uses her amazing energy to motivate and excite the people who are lucky enough to be close to her.

She explains: ‘The core values of nots really appeal to me – intimacy, care, gratitude and strength. To me, all four form the basis of all and any success, joy and … yeah … the good life. They reflect a place where we can be ourselves, with all the challenges that it entails, while also having the extra energy to be there for others. The better we feel about ourselves, the more we have to give.

My nots bracelet is a lot like me – it’s solid, tight and robust, but also very accommodating. If you pull it too hard, itll get so tight you cant get it off, but if you treat it gently – you can ease it off. That’s how I’d like to be. It reminds me that I’m unique and that I should be happy and proud of who I am and what I can do.

We are very happy and proud to have Mette Block as our ambassador.

Mette-BlochShortly before the World Championship in Australia, in 1990, Mette got a brand new boat, custom made in Switzerland. To ‘motivate’ the new boat, she made the deal, that the boat would get a really cool name if they did well. The photo shows Mette and her father shortly after she won the gold medal in Tasmania. They’ve just christened the boat in Tasmanian beer: ‘Tassie Devil’.

Ambassador Ryan Seaton
Ryan Seaton competes in 49er on top-level and has participated in the Olympics in London 2012 and Rio 2016. He is born and raised in Ireland and has been sailing since he was 5 years old.

Ryan is a person with a strong presence and an open mind and represents the values of the nots bracelet beautifully.

”To me the most important thing in life is to have respect for others. I believe that everyone has a purpose in life, and if you are determined and work hard your dreams can be achieved. Everyday I try to focus on the positive things in life, to encourage other people and to energies other with my attitude.”

As a professional athlete the nots bracelet plays a special role to Ryan: ”My bracelet gives me courage to face new challenges. It gives me inner strength and a power within to keep me working hard and believing in my goals and dreams. It brings me happiness as it reminds me of the good people in my life who love and support me.”

”Teamwork and understanding gets us
where we want to be – on and off the water.”

Ryan Seaton

We are very happy and proud to have Ryan Seaton as our ambassador.