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  • Coloured Diamond Surreal Charms

    Unique Diamond Charms Coloured Diamonds for a genuine sparkle Hand-crafted charms with Argyle diamonds The ultimate way to show your individuality Model 1
  • Elegant and Unique Jewellery to Delight

    Stand out from the crowd with jewellery in Gemstones and Gold handcrafted for the

    Model 2
  • My style is charmed My collection is surreal

    Surreal’s Charm Collection. Unique designs in exciting patterns and shapes. Have the freedom to build your own original bracelet all finely hand-crafted crafted in yellow, red or white gold.

    Model 3
  • My style is timeless My collection is love

    Surreal’s Love Collection. A modern interpretation of solitaire jewellery. Diamonds in regal beauty yet restrained slendour. Finely hand-crafted crafted in platinum or 18ct gold.

    Model 4
  • My style is my passion My collection is Classical

    Surreal’s Specialty. All of our chains are hand-made in our own original twists and folds, classic touches and delicate spirals. Our influences from all ancient civilisations around the world are made in the finest golds of your choice.

    Model 5